I am rather pessimistic in the hopes of creating a ‘green future’ due to technological advancements, and the stubbornness of people in general; I didn’t imagine an entire town (or village) could or would choose to take a stance, an active stance, for sustainability.

Basically I just wanted to say I’m amazed at what you have accomplished, and hope you endeavour continue.


Sincere thanks to the Sustainable Hockerton project for helping us when we were in need by funding a measure to save money, improve comfort and benefit the environment.  After recently moving we were completely oblivious of the poor level of insulation in our large loft.  Over the winter the house was freezing cold and the frequent supplies of oil to keep it warm were extremely costly.  At the time Sustainable Hockerton was offering support with environmental initiatives and they certainly came to our rescue in part funding loft insulation. Since then we have undertaken other projects such as insulated linings for curtains to conserve heat and we are gradually replacing bulbs with more eco options.

The community wind turbine at Hockerton provides a handy route-map for other communities who are interested in renewable energy but are wondering how such schemes can be paid for 

I invested in SHOCK because I’m trying to live sustainably. This project offered a decent return, it reduces the carbon intensity of power supplied over the Grid, and gives something back to the village. Win, win, win.

We were happy as a business to host the PV array as it supports a community venture but is mutually beneficial in that we receive the electricity produced at a discounted rate.

It also allows us to have the economic and environmental benefits of renewable energy without having to add debt to the business.

I have now re-bulbed the whole house. Has certainly made a difference – my 32 day electricity consumption for Nov-Dec period appears to be 25% below annual average for a month which given it is a winter month is fantastic!!

Thanks to SHOCK for encouraging me to make the change – like all converts – with total conviction I am now browbeating all my friends and encouraging them to make the change!!