Community Energy

Generating renewable energy is just one of our goals, but it was the first to come to fruition due to the need to generate a revenue for the SHOCK project, and was encouraged further (in the short term at least) by the arrival of Feed-in Tariffs.

In our first 6 years (to March 2016) our renewable energy systems generated 1,818,720 kWh electricity and saved 841000 kg of greenhouse gases.


Energy efficiency

Sustainable Hockerton has the broad aim to help the parish become sustainable, coupled with the more specific objective of reducing carbon emissions. The cheapest way to do that is to make changes in behaviour or install measures that maintain comfort whilst cutting energy use.

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Solar PV

Sustainable Hockerton has installed 3 solar PV arrays on local businesses to increase our generation capacity and spread our risk.

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Wind turbine

SHOCK’s first project was to install a wind turbine as it offered a return on investment, income for the village and carbon savings.

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