In 2006 residents of our small Nottinghamshire village got together to look at how they could reduce their community’s carbon footprint. Sustainable Hockerton was born!

The aim of Sustainable Hockerton is to make Hockerton a more sustainable village and reduce the amount of carbon released into the atmosphere. This would include meeting its own energy needs from renewable sources.

• Reduce energy demand
• Generate electricity from renewable sources • Heat homes from renewable sources
• Reduce impact from travel
• Reduce the amount of waste produced
• Increase the amount of self-sufficiency in water and water treatment
• Raise the awareness of climate change issues through education

We now have a 225kW wind turbine, 87kW solar PV (more than enough to cover our power use), and are using revenue from both to help local projects that support sustainable development.

Sustainable Hockerton Limited

  • The above Company is registered in England & Wales
  • IPS Number R30660
  • The Registered Office is The Watershed, Gables Drive, Hockerton, Newark, Notts NG25 OQU
  • VAT Reg. No. 826 4129 32