£200 for every Hockerton home and business

After the great response to the last round, Sustainable Hockerton is pleased a second offer of £200 to every household and business in the parish for energy and water saving measures installed by 31 March 2017.

In-depth surveys of 3 Hockerton homes found plenty of ways to save money and make homes more comfortable. Examples  from the last round include:

  • loft insulation
  • 5 households put their funds towards a shared solar PV system
  • switching to LED lights
  • thermally-lined curtains and blinds
  • water efficient shower heads
  • water butts

This offer is a thank you to the village for hosting the wind turbine, and to deliver on our commitment to improve the economic and environmental sustainability of the parish by reducing bills, carbon emissions and resource use.

SHOCK continues to maintain a fund for larger projects, with ideas always welcome.

I have now re-bulbed the whole house. Has certainly made a difference – my 32 day electricity consumption for Nov-Dec period appears to be 25% below annual average for a month which given it is a winter month is fantastic!! Thanks to…

Ralph, a local resident


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