Annual report 2014/15

Today SHOCK Directors reported progress on its sustainability objectives to its AGM.

Environmental: In the last year our wind turbine has produced 270,637 kWh of zero carbon power and our new PV array produced 45,240kWh, displacing the emission of 145 tonnes of carbon dioxide from fossil fuelled power stations

Economic: 7% interest capital was paid on share capital held in May 2015, and 40 days of work provided for local residents.

Social: £2,425 was set aside for the village’s sustainability projects; the offer of £200 for energy and water saving measures remained open for new applicants from the parish; a 7kW electric car charging point was installed at the village pub (since closed, hopefully temporarily); a heart start unit was purchased and is located in the village hall, and first aid training was delivered to residents. In September we supported a village event.

There are now 78 members of the Society. If you are interested in joining, as and when shares are made available for transfer by existing members, please contact us. Priority will be given to local residents.

The meeting also considered two resolutions:

  • to consult members on their wish to withdraw their investment from the Society in 10 – 15 years time, in order to aid planning.
  • a proposal to invest in two further photovoltaic systems in line with the Society’s objectives.

Both resolutions were passed.


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